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Please read the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, if there is something you need or want to know then please raise a support ticket.

My order shows as complete but the line/item is showing as ordered?

If you placed an order/s on our previous website your order/s will show this way in your order history.  This will be updated moving forward and on any new orders the lines will show correctly.


I placed an order on your previous website, where is it?

The order has been moved over to our new website and you will receive shipping notifications via this site going forward.


What payment methods do we accept?

We accept PayPal, Klarna, and Major Credit/Debit Cards via Adyen or Braintree payments. You can also pay for your order with store credit if you have any on your account. 


I want to place an order but the item isn't in stock, when do you take payment?

We take payment when an order is placed.


What happens if I place an order that contains Pre Order Items and those available now?

The order will ship when all items are in stock. We advise that pre-orders are placed separately from a regular order so your orders can ship as quickly as possible.


What do our order statuses mean?

Awaiting Payment/Payment Pending - Your order has been placed; however, our system is awaiting payment to be authorised by your payment provider. Once the payment has been approved and processed through our system, your order can be dispatched. Payments can take a few days to authorise. If you have an order with this status, and it has been longer than two business days, please contact our customer support team.

Pre-Order - Your order has been placed; however, at least one of the items in your order has not officially released yet. Once all products in your order have reached the release date set by the manufacturer, and the stock delivered to our warehouse, your order will be dispatched. If you have an order with this status, but some items have reached their official release date and are in-stock, please contact our customer support team.

On Backorder - Your order has been placed, and payment received, however; it's awaiting restock from our suppliers - this means the item(s) ordered are not currently in our warehouse. Typically, it can take between one  to four weeks for items ordered from suppliers to be delivered to our warehouse, depending on the manufacturer and their location. If you have an order with this status, and it has been longer than four weeks or you have any questions, please contact our customer support team for an update.

Not every manufacturer is the same in size, some are very small teams with high-quality products that can take a number of days or weeks to keep up with demand. 

Partly Dispatched - Part of your order has been packed and shipped, for your convenience. The remaining items in the order will be packed and shipped once delivered to our warehouse, at no extra cost to you. On occasion, we do partly dispatch orders to prevent unnecessary delays in you receiving your items.

Dispatched - The order has been packed and shipped.


What happens if I order something and it becomes no longer available?

Sometimes products are removed from sale by suppliers without notice, in this instance, we can offer an alternative item, refund or store credit. 


What currencies do you accept?

We only accept payment in GBP. If you are outside the UK. Your bank or credit card provider may charge additional fees for paying us in GBP. Our prices are also only calculated in GBP, any other currency shown on our store is an indicator only.

Should we need to refund you we will refund you the sterling amount due for your order or items. This will be based on the current exchange rates. If you opt to take store credit instead this will be applied to your account in sterling which will be unaffected.

Can I add to my order once placed?

Once an order has been placed and paid for on our site unfortunately we are unable to add items to it that exceed the original payment transaction.


How do I find my order details?

To locate your order details, go to your account, click on your name in the top right next to help centre and select order history.


What does our pre-order date mean?
A pre-order date will be visible on product pages for products that have not yet been released by a manufacturer*. This enables purchases to be made for products that are not yet physically available in a retail store. These products will have a status showing "Pre-Order Now" or "Pre-Order Allocation Sold".

Pre-Order Now: This status signifies a product that can be ordered but will not ship until the official manufacturer's release date has passed. Release dates for pre-order items are supplied to us by manufacturers and are subject to change.

Pre-Order Allocation Sold: This status signifies a product that will not ship until the official manufacturer's release date; however, we have already sold through the limited number available to us by the manufacturer. These products are not guaranteed "In Stock" after the release date has passed, but pre-orders placed within our allocation will ship as expected.

We display the pre-order date on product pages to indicate when the product will be released. 


Requesting the addition of a product range?

We already carry a broad range of gaming miniatures, board games, hobby and accessory products but we're always looking to add more!
If there's a specific range you'd like us to carry, please raise a help desk ticket with the details and one of our team will look into adding the range to our store.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Unfortunately we do not currently sell gift vouchers


What do our product status’ mean?

Pre Order - The item is a new product and released on the date listed on the product

Stock coming soon - The item is not currently in stock but is available to order awaiting a restock from our supplier

In Stock - The item is in stock with the number available listed on the product


How long does it take for items to be restocked?

We receive regular restocks from all of our suppliers, not every manufacturer is the same in size. Typically, it can take between one to four weeks for items ordered from suppliers to be delivered to our warehouse, depending on the manufacturer and their location

Am I able to buy Games Workshop products if I live outside of the UK/Europe?

Unfortunately due to our trade terms with Games Workshop we are not able to sell their products outside of the EEA

Do you do next day delivery?

Yes we do, for all current courier information please see the shipping policy at the bottom of our website.

Can I order over the phone via the Customer Service team?

We take all orders via our website, but if you have any questions or need any help please contact our customer support team.

How do I use my credit vouchers?

All credit vouchers can be used at the checkout by clicking the blue “use store credit” button.

How do I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order prior to dispatch, please contact our customer support team.

How do I change my address on my order before/after shipment?

If you need to change the address on your order at any stage please contact our customer support team.